Deux aphorismes sur l’amour

Si j’avais l’occasion, je te ferais jamais aucun mal.

L’homme est le plus créatif des menteurs.


An aphorism on friendship

Written by the Louvre.


In this world, you will meet people who will try to shape you to how they want you to be and they will see what they want to see.

—You shouldn’t care for them.

Those who see you for who you really are could either be your best friends or your worst enemies, and sometimes both at the same time!

—Trust them like snakes.

Some aphorisms on a winter night

  • Man is the most creative of liars.
  • Be weary of people who say their formative years are behind them.
  • Being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets.
  • Authority without experience is fraud.
  • We are what we say we are not.
  • Achieve unconscious competence or don’t bother.
  • Si j’avais l’occasion, je ne te ferais jamais aucun mal.